Thursday, 3 October 2013

Jelly Beans and Minties

Android has a few thing I don't like,  but a lot of the experience depends on the support from your devices.  My first Android device was a Motorola Xoom tablet,  followed by various phones.  Then I got a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 tablet,  and later a Samsung Galaxy W phone.  The Samsung devices really showed me the differences in Android.
My Motorola is still running an early version of Android honeycomb.  Since I've had the Samsung tablet it has had Android updates. Most recently it was updated to jelly bean.

First impressions of the tab 2 on jelly bean were not good.  It kept freezing,  everything was slow and reading forums it seemed a lot of people were having similar complaints.  I noticed however that I seemed to have some unusual apps running that I didn't start and others that I didn't download.  It seems Mister Google has the right to decide what apps you can have on your device, and simply installs them.

A little digging around and I found most of these cannot be ,  but some can be closed and disabled.  Now I have a fast responsive tablet running beget than it ever had before.

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