Monday, 7 October 2013

GIMP Tricks #13272

Another quickie for working with GIMP image editor.
I often want to make an image fuzzy around the edges, but have the fuzzy part transparend rather then the default white..  GIMP has an option for fuzzy borders in the menu under:
Filters > Decor > Fuzzy border... 
To achieve the desired transparent edge result there are only a few simple steps, BUT !!  The first step is very important.

In the Fuzzy border dialog box, go to the bottom and REMOVE the check mark from the box next to "Flatten image".
Now, adjust the border size if you need to.  I suggest you try the default first'  Leave it set to 'Work on copy' and click OK.
After a few moments you will see another window with your picture with a fuzzy outline that has a white background.

In this new window, go to Layer > Transparency > Alpha to Selection

Now go to Layer > Delete Layer

Next do Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel.
(If there is no option to add an alpha channel, chances are you already have one - skip to the next step).

Now go to Edit > Clear.

Last step is simply File > Export and give your new image a suitable name.

The transparent fuzzy edges thing may seem a little old fashioned these days, but sometimes it is nicer to have an image fade up from a brochure background instead of having sharp edges.  I also use it sometimes if I make collages and don;t want the images butting against each other or want to avoid having a sharply defined boundary around each image.

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