Friday, 4 October 2013

Android Browsers

There is an amazing array of Web browsers available for Android and while the big three are excellent and familiar,  some of the new ones are even better.  I have tried out a lot of them,  looking for a combination of speed,  versatility,  ease of use and general usefulness.  As I did with office programs,  I put them through some rigorous tests. Recently I found one that works well and even lets me post to blogger,  a big stumbling block with most.

The browser is called Boat Browser and plays You Tube videos and does all the other things that hold up some of the other browsers. One of the nicest things is that it is fast.  I mean really fast.

I will test Boat Browser a bit longer and if it continues like this,  Maxtjon, Opera, Firefox, UC, Chrome, Dolpin and the others will be gone.

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