Friday, 16 August 2013

Working with ANDROID

The longer I spend with my Android tablets and phones, the more I am enjoying the similarity with Linux.  The common heritage is obvious.  There are annoying similarities to Windows as well, like the way things just crash for no apparent reason, but at least with Android it has never resulted in my losing data.  The exception was the blogger incident - but that was Google itself, not the tablet or the operating system or an app.

After rigorous testing I have found the most useful office suite, Kingsoft Office.

Kingsoft Office is the only suite that allows me to easily format a document including images.

Brother iPrint&Scan makes WiFi printing from my tablets or phones to my Brother WiFi enabled printers dead easy.

Photo Editor allows me to make the adjustments to images that I would do with GIMP on my desktop computer,

PhotoShop Touch is a bit fiddly to use, but allows some additional enhancing.

Team Viewer makes it simple and quick to connect to my desktop computer over WiFi Internet and control my Kubuntu system in high resolution.  It is the only program of its type I have ever used that works well for me.  I was able to open LibreOffice, create a document using photographs and text, and print to two of my printers, all using my tablet from a remote location.  I have never been able to do that even with the desktop remote access software.

ADW is a slick, fast launcher that I would recommend to anyone.  It requires a little thought to set up nicely, but it is so good I wonder why it is not standard issue on all android devices.

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