Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Blogger and Google and Feedback

Trying to post from a tablet today and I discovered a fun 'feature' of blogger.  About half theAndroid browsers don't support blogger and several of the keypads also will not work with it.  I tried Google Chrome, hoping that would be better, and that stupid 'send feedback' popup caused me to lose my entire post.  Not only that, but it did the same thing three times in a row.  The first time I lost a lot of work, but I expected that supplying feedback would stop it happening again.  You'd think google would be able to design a feedback system that only asked for feedback occasionally, but no.  This thing nags all the time.  It didn't even save my work. just binned the lot and called it a draft.

Second and third times were the same.  Saved my post as a draft, but deleted the text.  I tried a few browsers until I found that Maxthon seems to work ok with blogger.  So far, that is.  In Dolphin and Android browsers, the keyboards have issues.  Things like not allowing capital letters or suddenly not sending the text to the screen.  Maxthon seems to be working.  Tapping 'send feedback' from Maxthon browser simply opened up a blank tab, unlike the other browsers.  And unlike Chrome, it didn't dump all my work.

Is Google the new Microsoft?  Microsoft buggered up computers.  Google seems intent on buggering the web...

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