Friday, 3 July 2015

Transferring files to Elementary OS Freya by Bluetooth

Recently I had to move a heap of files from my phone's camera to my computer running Elementary OS Freya.  I was about to turn the phone off and remove the Micro SD card as usual when I realised that every computer I have has Bluetooth.  So I paired the computer and phone and sent the pictures that way.  And got a message on the phone saying the attempted transfer failed.

So I did a little snooping.  There waas no obvious setting in 'Bluetooth' in system settings, but some reading led me to a Gnome utility.  In Unity, there is a 'personal file sharing' option in the Dash.  But not in Elementary. 

In Applications, you can find an item called 'Bluetooth Transfers' that allows you to select a file to transfer from your Elementary OS computer to another device via Bluetooth.  But there's no obvious way to transfer a file from the other device to your computer, nor to set it up to accept transfers from other devices.'

Likewise choosing 'Bluetooth' in system settings allows you to transfer files to another device but I can see no obvious way to accept files from elsewhere.

Luckily though the actual program that does the leg work is there. 

Open a terminal and type in the command:    gnome-file-share-properties
This will open a window that allows you to set up to receive Bluetooth transfers. 

Towards the bottom of the window under 'receive Files over Bluetooth', tick the following.
(*)  Receive files in Downloads folcer over Bluetooth
(*)  Notify about received files

Between these two options is another where you can choose the type if devices you will accept files from.  It has a drop down menu.  I changed mine to 'Always' but the default is 'Only for set up devices'.

That's all there is to it really.  Close the window after you do these steps and pair with your bluetooth deice as you normally would, then send files as you wish.

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