Sunday, 26 July 2015

pcDuino v3B no audio from some programs - by Ross Devitt

After using sudo to update my pcDuino v3B various things stopped working and I have written about some of them in the previous posts.  One ting I did not check before the upgrade though, was whether I had sound in my browser and things like smplayer and vlc.  XBMC worked and for my original purpose that was all I was interested in.

But the more I got involved in this magic little computer, the more I wanted to try other things.  And during that process I discovered the ONLY thing that had sound was XBMC.  So I did a little snooping.  And found a simple solution - for me at least.

Now at the time i didn't write down everything I did.  It was after midnight and I was exhausted.  But I know I did: 

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol 

I can;t remember if that installed all the other pulse audio stuff or if i had to also do:

 sudo apt-get install pulseaudio

But if you have this problem, try the first.  If it still doesn;t allow you to set up audio, try the second as well.

After I did this i could adjust sound settings from the volume icon on the panel.  Then I had ausio output in everything inclusing YouTube videos!



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