Thursday, 5 June 2014

Quick aNd Easy Web Builder Update!!

QNEWB2 is being constantly improved.  What is already the best Drag And Drop and WYSIWYG web editor I have tried during many years of searching is even better. What is more exciting is that it works perfectly in Linux!

On June 2, 2014 Pablo added a number of new things to the program.  Some are for advanced users, but for beginners and those trying the program for the first time a couple are very important.

Probably the most important is that now, if you try to edit text while you are zoomed in or out on the page, a dialog will pop up to warn you that you cannot edit until the view is returned to 100%.

In my earlier download, clicking Help > Quick and Easy Web Builder Help, did nothing.  In this latest download it opens a comprehensive manual in my PDF reader.  This document can then be referred to via a comprehensive index about the functions, or even printed out as a desktop reference.
I believe the earlier problem was probably just a glitch in something I did.

This help file has pictorial guides to to many important functions within the program.  In addition there are tutorials for QNEWB2 on the web site at:

Another useful change is that searching for an image before only showed a preview in Windows, Mac and I think, in Linux under Gnome. 
Now it also works in other Linux desktops.  This morning I tested in KDE and for the first time I could see the image previews.  It makes selecting an image both 'Quick and Easy'.

The one criticism is that the right pane of the image search widget is fixed.  You cannot enlarge the image preview by sliding the divider to make the image larger.  That is a very small criticism and just being able to see the selected image makes it so much easier to use.

One warning for first time Linux KDE users!

If you are installing through your Software Centre or Package Manager, your repository might not have the very latest version.  The latest version of QNEWB is always found here:

The program is in a zipped archive and simply needs to be unzipped to be fully functional.

If you are using KDE and Dolphin file manager, please note
**   DO NOT use 'Right Click > Extract > Extract Archive Here', to extract the program unless you know you are in the folder where you want to unpack and work from.
This will dump about 9 folders and about 18 files into whatever folder you are in, Home, Downloads, or Aunt Sally's Birthday pics.

Instead, right click the zip file and choose 'Extract > Extract Archive Here, Autodetect Subfolder'.

It is a subtle difference, but a simple mistake to make, as many of us are used to zip archives creating their own folder.  

Among the interesting 'Basic' things that QNEWB2 does, are Image Effects.  Some of these are things you would expect to open an external editor to create, but they are there, right in this web editor.  You can change just about anything including brightness and contrast from the right click context menu.
Adding a bevel, creating a sepia tone. adding a reflection embossing, so many other things are there I thought I was in GIMP for a moment.

I will add a post on image handling once I have explored it more.  For now, suffice it to say, QNEWB2 is full of surprises, even at the beginner level.

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