Monday, 16 June 2014

Linux MINT 17 KDE

I noticed that the KDE version of Linux Mint 17 was available, so I downloaded it and yesterday I got it up and running.

I noticed a few annoying things while I was doing this.  I run two versions of Mint on my computer at any given time.  I have a partition for the version I am currently using, and a partition for the old version.  If anything goes wrong or I don;t like the old version, or if I tweak something in the new version as I am doing now, and screw stuff up, i can choose the old version from GRUB boot menu and reinstall the new one.

At the moment I am playing with a script I wrote than could break stuff, so it is a nice thing to be able to just swap between them.

HOWEVER!  There is a program in Mint that should allow me to backup files so I can restore them to my new installation.  I don;t worry about it for saved files and documents because I have a separate /home/ partition and another where lots of important stuff is duplicated before being copied to external drives.

I DID want to backup my list of programs so I could easily restore the stuff I had installed on Mint 16, into my shiny new Mint 17.

It didn't work.  MintBackup opened ok, and allowed me to choose an option to backup a list of programs I had installed.  Then it asked me to choose a destination to save the list.  Not good, Neddy.  As soon as I hit continue, the program exited.  So I opened Mintbackup again, went through the password thing and chose a different file.  Same problem, exit.

I tried a few versions of this procedure, all with the same result, then just gave up.

With that out of the way though, Mint 17 is running well.  There are a few little glitches, but I think they are operator error so far.  Clem and the team have put out another release that will see even more people discovering that Computing does not mean Windows.

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