Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Magic Bullet Solution

There is a popular small kitchen appliance called The Magic Bullet.  It is supposed to be a compact and powerful food processor, able to do wonderful things.

All I ever really got out of it was puréed stuff.  Even lettuce ended up puréed instead of shredded.  But the worst of it is these machines die.  They are expensive to replace, but!! there's a cheapo version sold in the dollar shops.  So you grab one, thinking you'll have all the spare cups and a spare set of the chopping parts.

Of course that breaks or burns out.  But you remember s friend who still has a workign one, and offload the dead ones (2 sets by now) onto the friend.  The friend now has three sets of everything - or maybe more.  And theirs breaks and they pass it all to another friend.

So here I am with a dozen sets of the cutting part, maybe a hundred of the cups and ten of the juicing attachments.  And the second one I bought breaks.  I look at ways to repair one or two where the motor still works but the turny roundy thing is worn or broken.  But the things are designed not to be repaired.

I was walking through a hardware store.  You know the ones.  Everything you don't need but have to have, mixed in with the odd thing you are actually looking for.  Anyway, there was a really cheap variable speed electric drill. 

After the lightbulb moment in the hardware store I thought of a simple way to attach the cutter from the bullet blender to the drill and a way to mount the drill so the chuck points upwards.

Food into the cup
Cup onto the cutter
Cutter into the chuck
Press trigger on drill.

No more hunting for bullet blenders on special, and I can probably chop slop and blend for the rest of my life.  I reckon with a bit of thought I will even come up with a battery one for the boat!

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