Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Left monitor shows Firefox almost transparent after scrolling mousewheel on title bar.
7 May 2014

WOW!  People other than me actually read this stuff.  In response to a couple of email criticisms and comments on other blogs and forums about me not posting illustrative pictures, here's one.  Obviously I use a dual monitor setup, and the computer is an oldish Compaq running an E-350 notebook processor with ATI Radeon integrated graphics.

I am typing at the most beautiful shiny new looking keyboard..  My fingertips were sticking a little on the keys and it annoyed me.  So I did what I used to do for customers in the old days.  I got some Dettol and a piece of coarse towelling and turned the computer off, then scrubbed the keys.  After that I gave the keyboard a quick spray with silicone and wow.  It is like brand new.

Ok, I use a distribution of Linux called Mint, and am currently using the KDE version of Mint 16.  Mint 17 is due to be released around the end of this month (May 2014).

Something I found a while ago that I use occasionally is found by going to:

System Settings > Window Behaviour > Windows Behaviour > Titlebar Actions and clicking on Wheel Event and choosing Change Opacity. 

This allows me to scroll the mouse wheel on the title bar of a window and change the opacity of the window form completely opaque to almost completely transparent.
It might seem like a pretty useless thing to do but I rarely use the mouse wheel for anything on the title bar, and I do sometimes ste translucency of various windows using the title bar contect menu.  This method allows me to quickly change the translucency temporarily, even if it is just to see if I have an open dialog or another window under the main one.

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