Saturday, 19 March 2016

Raspberry Pi - Bluetooth the Easy Way - Reposted

Recently I posted about using Blueman to make Bluetooth work on the Raspberry Pi 3B.
It gave me immediate access to transfer files to my tablets and phones so I could print using Wireless Direct to my wireless printers.

But as someone kindly commented here - it did not work with Audio.  So I deleted the original post and changed a few things so I could connect by bluetooth to my Logitech S00113  Bluetooth Audio Adapter.

Here's what I did.  I use Synaptic, so finding what is installed is easy.

sudo apt-get install synaptic

First, I made sure that bluetooth was installed, then checked that pi-bluetooth was also installed.  pi-bluetooth loads the drivers for the new on-board bluetooth in the raspberry Pi 3B.

Then it was time to add a few tools:

sudo apt-get install bluez

sudo apt-get install blueman

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

I also have bluez-tools.  It should have been installed by bluez.  If it was not, it doesn;t hurt to install it.

then, just in case I want to use pulse for anything else

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

pavucontrol is not really needed.  But there are times I use the pulse volume control for other things.

I am listening to music playing from my Raspberry Pi 3 to my blueooth system as I write this.

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