Sunday, 1 March 2015

Linux Mint 17 Breaking stuff

As much as I love Linux Mint, I've noticed in the recent releases there are some annoying problems.  In short, mint is becoming more and more like Windows used to be.

First off was my favourite Mint flavour - KDE.  It was running perfectly but when I decided to update to version 17 it killed my computer.  Screwed things up so badly nothing would boot.  I'm cautious, and tend to keep the old version in a partition until the new version is tested and running nicely.  But after a few weeks, suddenly one morning the system refused to boot.  So I chose the previous version in GRUB and it refused also.

The Live DVD worked, so I did a fresh install and it still would not boot, nor would the older version still installed.

So I installed XFCE and have used it ever since.  But Mint 17 XFCE has its own little glitches.

For one thing I opened Mint 17 Updater and saw the option to update from Mint 17 Quiana to Mint 17.1 Rebecca.  So I clicked on it, then on the next popup I clicked 'Continue' and it took me to a link that suggested it would display release notes.  So I clicked the link and Firefox opened.  At my home page.  I tried again - and had two instances of Firefox open at my home page.  So I gave up and pressed continue again.  The text on the button greyed out - and that's all that happened.

Another thing that is kind of cute but bloody annoying - is that if I right click on the desktop, I cannot change the desktop wallpaper.  Well, that is, unless I set it to change through different wallpapers and then uncheck that when I reach one I like.  It used to work, then one day it just decided not to.  It will not let me change the folder the wallpapers are in.

Those are just a couple of Mint 17 glitches.  Mint 16 worked fine.  Mint 17 just keeps getting worse.  But once these stupid problems are fixed - and one thing about Mint is, if you wait a few releases they are always found and fixed - It will still be the best all purpose distro out there!

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