Sunday, 18 January 2015

More Command Line Magic in Linux

A friend was watching me do something the other day and saw me click a couple of icons that opened documents in their applications.  I was asked how.

I have a few things that need to be run every day.  Like a diary and a spreadsheet for example.  Now I know I can open a terminal and type:

lowriter   then press enter and get a blank LibreOffice Writer document.  The same works for the commands lodraw  and localc.

I just take it a little further and enter something like this in a terminal:

lowriter '/home/user/Name Of Folder/Name of Document.odt'
Will open a document directly in writer.

I use variations on this for things I need to do daily (created a launcher).
I also have something similar in bash scripts for automating working with ImageMagick and LibreDraw together.

Various other programs can be started the same way. 
firefox     should open google in firefox for example.

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  1. Love your background by the way. Is that Hill inlet? I'd love some hi res pics of Hill Inlet to use as desktops if you have any lurking in your files