Friday, 25 April 2014

Video wallpaper on KDE and another simple method

I was reading some of the stuff I wrote for my old computer website and found an article I wrote years ago with an even simpler method for video wallpaper than yesterday's tip.

Because back then I found it by accident, and had no intention of ever using video wallpaper because I could not see a use for it, I wrote about it and forgot it.

More recently when I was using two monitors I began looking for ways to do this.  One of the exciting things about chronic fatigue is the ability to forget stuff. Lots of stuff.  Anyway, I forgot the good people at VLC had a button hidden in the settings.

You will need VLC media player installed.

Open VLC then Tools > Preferences and in the left column, at the bottom, under Show settings, CLICK on 'All'
In the new list that opens, scroll to the bottom and CLICK 'Video'
About 3 from the bottom of the 'General video settings' section, put a checkmark in the box next to ( ) Enable wallpaper mode'

Now when you open a video in VLC it should open full screen. If I double click mine it leaves full screen and opens a small video window and another with the playlist and menus. I can drop a folder into the playlist to create a new set of music for looping wallpaper.

Double clicking the current video sets VLC as wallpaper again.

I still make a quick start icon on the Panel containing the following command line:
find Video-Wallpaper/ -type f -exec vlc -f --loop --random --aspect-ratio 2.35x1 -LZ '{}' +

The folder Video-Wallpaper is the folder in /home where I drag links to make a playlist for the the music videos I want to play.

Hope this simple method helps KDE users looking for a really easy way to run video wallpaper.

This should also work in Gnome, and any of the other desktops in Linux, and probably works in Windows and Mac.



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