Saturday, 15 February 2014

Radio Control Scale IOR Quarter Tonner

Back in 2008 I started to build a 1/10 scale model of my yacht 'Volcano', with the intention of sitting in my cockpit at anchor here int he Whitsundays, and sailing a replica of my yacht around.
The project began as a balsa mockup to get the boat fairly realistic, but it was always going to be a rough and ready affair.

Eventually I had it close, even if the original had a lot of flat surfaces.  But I was told over and over by various experts that it would not sail, because I was making the mast, sails, keel and rudder all scale size, and with such a shallow keel the model would fall over at the first puff of breeze.

Well, I lost Volcano in cyclone Ului in 2010, and after Volcano 'went to a better place', I sort of lost interest in the model, although by then I had done flotation and pull down tests in a friend's pool, and it actually sailed across the pool nicely.

Like the Phoenix however, both Volcano, and the model idea have risen from the ashes.  My boat building and expert modelling friend Geoff Reichelt rebuilt Volcano better than new, then he told me he liked the idea of the sailing model. Recently a box arrived in the post.  Inside was the first of what we've been calling the Mini S25, or just 'MiniCano'.

Here is a picture of the original mockup when I was doing the flotation and pull down tests.  This is where I abandoned the project.

Here is what it looks like when done by a professional. I could never have got it done like this!

And here is Volcano in Coongul Creek, with MiniCano being sailed around by Geoff in the cockpit.  And a link to a video.

And a link to a video.

This is Volcano and I in the fun days.

Even crazy dreams can come true.  The model is now 1/12 scale and I have to admit the smaller scale makes it easier to carry around, especially if taking it aboard a real yacht.

The keel is close to scale depth from the bottom of the hull to the top of the bulb.  The rudder is considerably over scale, but from what I see the model would sail nicely with a scale rudder. I am still setting up the radio gear but I think with a little tweaking of the keel weight the boat might even sail smoother and faster.

The International Offshore Rule created a series of boats in the Quarter Ton, Half Ton and One Ton racing fleets that were very distinctive and actually very nice to sail, especially in rough seas.

Thanks Geoff, for creating this model.  

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